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Welcome to weezee wear!

Women making meaningful merch every stitch of the way.

Since 1991, we’ve grown into a major go-to-source for custom designed, branded merchandise. We work with all kinds of partners, especially non-profits. Whether big or small, meaningful merch makes an impact with donors. Our partners love our in house designers, turnkey capabilities and reliable headache-free turnaround.
Concept to completion. Weezee makes it easy.

Why Weezee Wear?

We’ve been at this for over 30 years. From design, production, manufacturing, sourcing, and fulfillment, we’ve done it all. Since we work directly with our work rooms and factories, there are no middle men (or women) which enables us to be very innovative and price competitive. We have extensive experience in brand building, donor engagement /retention, and fundraising. We are the dream team that you’ve been looking for.