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Welcome to weezee wear

The soul of a boutique. The savvy of a retailer.

Since 1991, weezee wear® has grown into a major go-to source for custom-designed apparel and accessories. We work with all kinds of businesses, big and small. Retailers. Corporations. Entertainment companies. Nonprofits. Summer camps. You name it. They all come to weezee for our turnkey capabilities and reliable, headache-free turnaround.
Concept to completion. Weezee makes it easy.

So who’s gone weezee?

• Department stores
• Summer camps
• Theme parks
• Corporate branding & events
• Concert tours & festivals
• Community organizations
• Universities
• Clothing boutiques
• Gift shops

We’ve worked with weezee wear for five years. Campers love their designs. And each new batch of fresh looks always exceeds previous sales.

BuyerSummer Camp

We can count on weezee for quick turnaround and delivery. And they listen - their designs always fit perfectly with the new collections on our floor.


They know retail, and they know licensing. Weezee gets it when it comes to fitting graphics and stories with our characters.

UniversalTheme Park