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About weezee wear

We design it. We manufacture it. We print it. We deliver it.

We are seasoned business women. We are mothers. We are daughters. We are sisters. We are sister-in-laws. We are daughter-in-laws. We are wives. We are friends. (We are also dog lovers). We are women-owned Weezee Wear.

All of us have worked with a “trash and trinkets” person. You call them up and they happily order you that pen, Yeti, or notebook with your logo on it. They didn’t ask you what you were trying to achieve. They were trying to just fill your order. You felt like giving out those chatchkes was building your brand. Sorry but that was a waste of your money and times have changed.

What if things were flipped around? What if you had a partner who had real business experience in all kind of categories like non-profit fundraising, donor engagement, retail, kids and family, the environment, GenZ, automotive, beverage, restaurant, branded apparel, manufacturing, design, sustainability and more? What if this partner talked objective first and the solution second?

Weezee Wear is that partner. We provide branded merchandising solutions for your business needs. We are the manufacturer. We handle everything from design, to production, to packaging, to fulfillment and shipping. We also donate a portion of our profits to organizations that WE CARE about.

If it can be printed, we can deliver it.

• T-shirts
• Tanks
• Shorts
• Sweatshirts
• Hoodies
• Caps & Visors
• Towels
• Backpacks
• Jackets
• Bandanas
• Bags
• Blankets
• Bathrobes
• Boxers
• Pajama pants
• Jerseys
Contact the artist who learned her business from businesses like yours.

We’ve worked with weezee wear for five years. Campers love their designs. And each new batch of fresh looks always exceeds previous sales.

Camp SeafarerSummer Camp

We can count on weezee for quick turnaround and delivery. And they listen - their designs always fit perfectly with the new collections on our floor.


They know retail, and they know licensing. Weezee gets it when it comes to fitting graphics and stories with our characters.

UniversalTheme Park