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About weezee wear

We design it. We manufacture it. We print it. We deliver it.

Founded by an artist.

Louisa Galanti Benjamin graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. There she studied Spanish, graphic design and marketing, then sculpture drawing at Academia de Peña in Madrid, Spain. She spent two years selling hand-painted clothing at art festivals around the city, and a few more years doing the same around Atlanta. People loved her lively, graphic treatments. And businesses took notice.

Developed by the marketplace.

By 1997, Louisa had moved weezee wear to Clearwater, Florida. Before long, the marketplace began to shape and define what our company is today.

Businesses discovered weezee had a knack for creating unique graphic treatments that complemented their marketing messaging and goals. They demanded high quality, high volume, and respect for deadlines. Weezee answered by fostering relationships with a variety of reliable apparel and accessories manufacturers, suppliers and printers throughout North America.

Today, we employ an experienced team of designers and project managers. But Louisa still designs, still builds relationships with new vendors and clients, and still oversees every account. That’s why you can count on weezee wear.

If it can be printed, we can deliver it.

• T-shirts
• Tanks
• Shorts
• Sweatshirts
• Hoodies
• Caps & Visors
• Towels
• Backpacks
• Jackets
• Bandanas
• Bags
• Blankets
• Bathrobes
• Boxers
• Pajama pants
• Jerseys
Contact the artist who learned her business from businesses like yours.

We’ve worked with weezee wear for five years. Campers love their designs. And each new batch of fresh looks always exceeds previous sales.

Camp SeafarerSummer Camp

We can count on weezee for quick turnaround and delivery. And they listen - their designs always fit perfectly with the new collections on our floor.


They know retail, and they know licensing. Weezee gets it when it comes to fitting graphics and stories with our characters.

UniversalTheme Park